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Mission Statement

World Families Australia:

  • Is a community based, not for profit, non-sectarian organization, providing international aid through relief and development projects.
  • Is an incorporated organisation coordinated primarily by volunteers to provide the greatest benefit to overseas projects.
  • Has Project Officers (volunteers) with relationships in specific overseas countries enabling the organization to respond to needs where they have been identified.
  • Works within the Ausaid and Taxation Office guidelines.
  • Facilitates support for members of the adoption community.

Providing funds or donations to more than
1200 children and projects in 9 countries

1.    Dear Sponsors and Donors

By purchasing

$30 gift options
- eggs, milk for over 100 children or food and education

$40 gift options
- a health check of a Bonga child for heart disease, Kitchen Set-Up pack

$50 gift options
- Buy a sheep, a month’s support for a child in foster care, food and education for a child at the Bonga

$100 to $250 gift options
- $100  A prosthetic leg or shoe,
$120 Mattress and blanket pack,
$120 Mattress and blanket pack for the elderly
$250  purchasing sewing machines for the Bonga Women's Development Program

Please click on the highlighted attachment for more information in regard to
how you might share your Christmas this year: 

Christmas 2014 Gifts to Share


2. Philippines

cheekyPHILIPPINES News Updatecheeky

For donors and sponsors who are involved in the Philemon project, please find the new web page totally devoted to this project.

cryingLastly, please find the letter from Sr Susan in regard to the imminent closure of the Damayan Project this month.  There will be some moments of grieving for the members of this community as they have been a tight knit group. 

3. See photos of children who have had life changing operations:

Heart operations saving lives SeeS2222h222222

 4.  Establishing clean water in Meskele Kristos, Northern Ethiopia

A large undertaking of supplying water to the community of Meskele Kristos is underway with the combined efforts of Engineers Without Borders (EwB) in Israel together with World Families Australia (WFA). See further details under Meskele Kristos project

5.  Click on this link to view a wonderful video clip from Jean Hopman's recent trip to Jimma in Ethiopia, showing the beauty of the country and the on-going need for support.  The clip promotes the need for the library in the Jimma School and also visits Bonga.