Neema Children's Home

Neema Children’s Home was established in 2005 by Joshua and Miriam Mbithi to care for HIV+ affected and infected children. There are numerous effects of HIV/AIDS on Kenyan society and more so the stability of families, however the obvious victims are the helpless children.
It is with this concern in mind coupled with God’s call that the Mbithis set up Neema Children’s Home. Neema is a Kiswahili word meaning “Grace”.
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BOR-B Bonga Boarding Houses

The Bonga Boarding Houses - Project Officer Emma Lewis

These houses help to support students from rural areas by providing them with accommodation, so they can live in Bonga, Ethiopia to attend high school or further education.

Your sponsorship will help to feed, clothe, educate, provide school books and medical costs to vulnerable children who would not have the opportunity of an education had they remained in their villages, as their families are very poor and schooling finishes at grade 6, therefore they cannot afford to send them to school in Bonga.                                                                                    

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DOC & DOL - Jimma Child Sponsorship

(Project Officer: Christine Hoffman & Sandi Petersen)
Development and Welfare and Relief

Children in this program are aged from pre-school to teens, and are often in orphan siblings groups or in homes where poverty and illness are seriously limiting the capacity of parents to provide adequately for them, leaving the children at risk of malnutrition and illiteracy. 


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LIW-school - Liwan and Dekia Housing

A Boarding House for Liwan Students in Dekia  

Given the Liwan School only goes up to grade 4, those reaching higher grades come to Dekia to continue their schooling. There are now about 24 children – including 6 girls – in Dekia attending grade 5, 6 and 7. This is very exciting, given no one in their village had ever reached this level of schooling, and I hope that in years to come, these students will be able to help their village through being teachers, nurses, engineers and other skills so that Liwan can become a self sufficient thriving community.


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LHP - Liwan - Health Post

A Health-Post for Liwan   

Liwan is a very remote village that WFA has been involved in over the past 5 years after we were approached with a plea to help provide a school and clean water for the village. The village is home to the Shuro people who have been marginalised and isolated, with no shared language with other cultural groups. The whole village was illiterate and they had no clean water, no toilets, no reliable food source and lacked health care and other basic services. Please see the following website for further information:                                                                                            

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Indonesia Sayap Ibu Cabang

Projects in Java

Yayasan Sayap Ibu Cabang
This home takes in abandoned babies ages 0-5 years then the child progresses into the orphanage. Mrs Utaryo started this project many years ago and there is help also for the children with disabilities.


Kenya Testimony Faith Homes

Kenya Testimony Faith Homes

Situated in Eldoret, Kenya, Testimony Faith Homes is currently comprised of three homes for children ages 3-17 and two   hostels for girls and boys aged over 18. Each house has an employed set of parents who care for the children in their care as they would their own family. Each house has approximately 40 children in the family from various tribal backgrounds and different circumstances as to how they became orphaned. Testimony School is located on the compound along with boarding facilities for both primary and secondary students as well as a Day Care Centre. The school’s financial governance is separated from that of the homes and it does not contribute to the homes financially. However, the school does provide the children of Testimony Homes with free education and opportunities that the children would otherwise not receive.


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Thailand Nong Khai

Thailand Sponsorships.

One type of Sponsorship that WFA is:

World Families Australia supports the education and development of the child who lives within a family situation. The sponsors funds are channeled towards the children in a whole community, the aim being to lift the level of education for the whole group. In the cases where children are unsupported the social workers ensure that they do not remain unfunded and in these cases funds are spread as required.

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Thailand Rangsit Babies Home

Rangsit Babies Home Bangkok
Rangsit Babies home provides crisis care for children, maily babies, that have been orphaned or abandoned.
All are provided with food, clothing and medical treatment. Freinds For All Children is the organisation who chanels the funds in support of this project and is instrumental in the setting up and running of the Child Development Program. 
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Fiji Dilkusha

Dilkusha Home

Individual Sponsorship

Situated 45 minutes drive north of Suva overlooking the Nasouri River Dilkusha provides accommodation for up to 50 children, and a few young adults (0 to 22 years) with 11 staff members. Some of the younger children are adopted by local or overseas families.

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DOL - Jimma Housing

Project Goals


The projects in Jimma support a multifaceted and holistic approach for the poor provided by the Daughters of Charity in this area, including a Leprosy Community School Project, a housing project, sponsorship of children in the leprosy communities and in the broader community, and assistance to those with medical needs when required. Through the Lazarist Priests, WFA supports a project providing training, mentoring and equipment to set up groups of ten youths in small business projects. In Jimma, WFA also provides education for blind children. The aim of these projects is to provide support for vulnerable individuals and communities in ways which empower them with education and training, alongside assistance to improve their living standards (by providing access to housing and assistance with access to medical care). The changes visible in the lives of individuals and in the communities over the past seven years are wonderful to witness. 


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LAL – Assistance to destitute children in Lalibela

Lalibela Project

Lalibela is a remote town known for its ancient rock hewn churches and every year more than 55,000 people make a religious pilgrimage to Lalibela because of its spiritual significance in Ethiopia. The landscape surrounding Lalibela is rugged and mountainous and is one of the regions affected by the devastating droughts of the past decades. The town has many homeless children and elderly people who are living on the street without food or shelter. 


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Bonga Rural Projects

The projects in Bonga Rural Region are a multifaceted and holistic approach for the poor in this area.          

They include: 
  • the Liwan School and Clean Water project,                                                                                       
  • The Shashenda Library,
  • The Boarding House for rural students in Bonga,                                                                          
  • the Flood Relief Program,
  • the Child Sponsorship Program in conjunction with the Lazarist Priests.                                             



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