South Africa

Kalahari Experience Development Initiatives (KEDI)

Project Officer: Lea Sander

KEDI evolved as a response to the challenges faced by year 12 graduates in the Moshaweng Valley of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa.

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Our Projects in the Kalahari - Vocational Training

KED-J ‘Days for Girls’ Project

Girls, including those in the Moshaweng Valley, can miss up to eight months of schooling in three years simply because they are menstruating and have no way of managing this natural phase of life…..

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Our Projects in the Kalahari - Arts

KED-A ‘Daddy’ – Artist & Sculptor

A self-taught artisan, using simple hand-tools and abundant care, Daddy sculpts raw, unique and beautiful soft-stone sculptures which all have a meaningful story. Lea discovered his work in a village...

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Our Projects in the Kalahari - Food Security

KED-F "Dirang Basadi" Community Food Garden

 Lack of water, searing heat in summer and below zero temperatures in winter are just some of the conditions the Tswana people deal with constantly. But strong winds, whipping up the sand, wreak some...

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Our Projects in the Kalahari - Community Health

KED-H Moshaweng Clinics Support Program

There are NO doctors in the Moshaweng Valley clinics. Visiting specialists are non-existent. HIV/AIDS, TB, diabetes,hypertension, teenage pregnancies, and alcohol and substance abuse are all serious and...

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