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Posted by Bert Michels on Mar 18 2013
The Daughters of Charity sisters arrived in 1985 in Wolaita-Soddo to support various social services to the local community.
Following a feeding program, the sisters commenced non-formal skill training for women and girls and gradually constructed a separate premise called “Mariam Women’s Training Centre” with the object of enabling marginalized women and girls to achieve better employment and/or income generating opportunities.


Gradually the training centre grew in terms of its training facilities (premises, equipment and furniture, number of class rooms…etc), recruiting qualified staff members and thereby building the Centre's capacity and quality of services. Accordingly, the Centre was accredited by the Regional Bureau of Education, and started providing technical and vocational training in accordance with set curriculum and standards.  At the end of the training programme, the trainees receive a middle level (level II and level III) certificate, which is accredited by the government authorities.
Embroidery and sewing skill training is one of the skills provided in the Centre for which internal award is given to trainees when they graduate. The duration of the training is one year. This skill training is for individuals who are unable to be enrolled in formal education because of their educational background. This target group includes young people who have never been to school, drop outs and some young girls who finished high school but scored very low and those whose families can not afford to continue their education because of their low economic backgrounds.


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