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Posted by Bert Michels on Mar 11 2012


Centre for Children with Disabilities

MITHRA Centre For Children With Disabilities was founded by an Australian nun St Mary Theodore about 25 years ago. MITHRA, which means "friendship", is near to the centre of Chennai (formerly Madras). Currently the Centre provides for about 70 children who attend the school daily and about an equal number of monthly boarders, who because of distance from their homes or because of their disabilities find travel too difficult.

The children are taught according to their capacity (Sr Mary Theodore "never gives up on any child".) and, when they are older, also receive training in the various craft workshops. According to individual need they also receive physiotherapy, speech therapy, dental treatment, medication etc. MITHRA's medical and dental clinic provide for the local community as well as for the children and staff at the Centre. MITHRA staff teach parents how to work with their children to enhance the benefit of their treatment. MITHRA runs training courses for people who wish to work with the disabled and is establishing a training course for teachers of the disabled.

Sponsorship is welcomed either for individual children or the Centre.

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