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Kalahari Experience Development Initiatives (KEDI)

Posted by Bert Michels on Mar 16 2015

Project Officer: Lea Sander

KEDI evolved as a response to the challenges faced by year 12 graduates in the Moshaweng Valley of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa.

Beyond school there were no opportunities for them – no pathways to higher education, skills training, employment, apprenticeships or work experience. Isolated and poor, 90-95% of them were languishing in their villages, feeling powerless and hopeless about ever having a positive future. The promise of education alone being the road to success does not hold true in the desert.

KEDI is all about development

Four portfolios focus on different areas of community support and all projects fit under one or more of these portfolios

  • Vocational Training                                                      

  • Arts

  • Food Security

  • Community Health                  


KEDI functions on the basis of establishing a budget for a project, raising the required amount either by fundraisers or donations, and then commencing the project. ALL contributions of any size are valued towards reaching the end goal. Indeed, it is how many KEDI projects have been achieved!



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