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Posted by Bert Michels on Feb 16 2015

KED-A ‘Daddy’ – Artist & Sculptor

A self-taught artisan, using simple hand-tools and abundant care, Daddy sculpts raw, unique and beautiful soft-stone sculptures which all have a meaningful story. Lea discovered his work in a village mission…..

Daddy was poor and struggling to make a living when Lea first met him, but now, from sales of his sculptures in Australia this quiet, unassuming young man has altered his life of poverty to a basic but life-sustaining income, allowing him to remain in his remote but cherished village of Loopeng.

Daddy joins the Australian team at Moshaweng High School each July. He teaches art to both village and visiting students and is now preparing to train other local budding artists.

Recently he started taking his sculptures into local markets (100 kms away) in the hope of eventually not requiring KEDI’s assistance. In the meantime, requests for his sculptures from people here in Australia are always welcome (if you don’t mind waiting) – simply contact Lea Sander. See adjacent photos of his work.

KED-A Kgololo – Opera Singer

Despite the isolation of his village, the loss of his parents, and without a single lesson, Kgololo Polelo sings with the voice of an angel. He is known as the Moshaweng Valley’s “Angel of Opera”.

Kgololo first sang to a select few at Moshaweng High School. He brought the whole schoolyard running – no-one could believe the magnificent voice that soured from the building…..

He has not allowed his difficult life circumstances to hinder his quest to sing. Working as an upholsterer, his earnings have financed a computer to download the songs. It takes him one week to learn a new aria. Setswana is his first language, English his second, and he sings in Italian and other languages as the songs demand. A dynamic baritone/tenor, he has already achieved success in regional competitions, but now he wants to go further.

In July 2014 he recorded a demo CD at Shaw Studios in Johannesburg. Kuruman Radio station (nearest regional town) now plays his songs regularly and he has been interviewed on air three times, leading to greater exposure for performing.

In July and October 2014 Pete Sinclair from the ‘Kalahari Experience’ at Frankfurt International School (FIS) filmed Kgololo singing several of his songs in the desert. Please go to the Music page of KEDI’s ARTS website: to look, listen and absorb. ‘Nessun Dorma’ is a favourite!

To read about all of the wonderful opportunities that are now happening for Kgololo and how you might support him, please go to:

There are other budding artists, including bead-makers, fabric crafts group and a young writer called Freddy. Go to: to meet them!


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