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Our Projects in the Kalahari - Community Health

Posted by Bert Michels on Feb 16 2015

KED-H Moshaweng Clinics Support Program

There are NO doctors in the Moshaweng Valley clinics. Visiting specialists are non-existent. HIV/AIDS, TB, diabetes,hypertension, teenage pregnancies, and alcohol and substance abuse are all serious and escalating conditions.

All serious health problems must be referred to the nearest hospital 65 kilometres away. Most people do not have a car and may not have the funds required for a taxi when there is a medical emergency. Patients have died waiting for the ambulance to arrive. There are no counsellors or social workers, despite a chronic need for both. And nursing staff work long hours with massive responsibilities.

A clinic-support program is currently in the ‘planning phase’. Health specialists (medicine and nursing) in Adelaide wrote comprehensive questionnaires which were given to the three large village clinics in April 2015. They were all highly receptive to the idea of obtaining specialist training for themselves and their home-based care teams.

Lea Sander met with Department of Health area manager and HR director in July 2015, who welcomed KEDI’s support. In June 2016 a doctor from South Australia will join the KEDI team and, in partnership with the department, conduct a reconnaissance of all village clinics, spending time with staff and home-based carers. It is hoped a priority-based program of training and skills development can be developed and expanded in future KEDI trips to the valley.

It is the beginning of a hugely important program and we will keep you updated!

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