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Posted by Bert Michels on Jun 03 2012

World Families Thailand Sponsorships.                                                                                                                             

World Families supports three projects in Thailand.
1. The Nongkai project (TNK), primarily provides support for children's eeducation. Donations support children who mainly live in a family context but where significant poverty exists. The donors funds are channeled towards the children in a whole community, the aim being to lift the Level of Education for the whole group.
In the cases where children are unsupported, social workers ensure that they do not remain unfunded and in these cases funds are spread as required. 

2. The Bangkok Children's Home (RTB) project supports babies in crisis in Bangkok. The children in this orphanage are almost all abandoned or the children of parents who have been affected by AIDS. They remain there for usually less than a year. Our donors support provides care for these children for their hopefully a short stay.



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