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Posted by on Mar 25 2012

Thailand Sponsorships.

One type of Sponsorship that WFA and FFAC fund is:

World families Australia supports for the education and development of the child who lives within a family situation. The sponsors funds are channeled towards the children in a whole community, the aim being to lift the level of education for the whole group. In the cases where children are unsupported the social workers ensure that they do not remain unfunded and in these cases funds are spread as required.


World Families sponsor children in several projects in Thailand and all are channeled through Rosemary Taylor MOA and the Organisation that she started, Friends for all Children, FFAC, based in Bangkok. 

Nong Khai

Nong Khai is situated in the arid area north east of Bangkok. This is the largest project in which World Families is involved in Thailand. This project involves the support of the children in their family units. The families are very poor and lead very simple lives with none of the modern conveniences that our world thinks essential. The funds that are provided do not change this, they merely make some essential aspects easier and allow the children to be educated and become useful members of society. See the benefits for recent children:

Academic Progress of 2012 students

Younger children attend the local day care centre, run by The Good Shepherd Sisters, and the older ones attend the local schools. Lunch is provided at the day care centre and the value of the meal is enormous as it could not be provided at home. In some cases fund are provided for things that indirectly help the child’s education such as bicycles to allow the child to get to school. The primary aim of the project is to allow the children in this area to be able to go to school and to get the benefit of all that this provides. Several have gone on to Tertiary education and this is a wonderful achievement for children who would have stood no chance of this level of education without this support. The Good Shepherd Sisters run an organic farm and a pottery, both of which provide essential food items and useful learning experiences and skills for the children and young adults, as many now are. They also provide a small source of income for the day care centre.



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