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BGW - Brothers of Good Works Counselling

Posted by Bert Michels on Mar 04 2012

Addis Ababa Project

Coordinated by Morgan Smith

Brothers of Good Works Counseling and Social Services Centre (Previously Medical Missionaries of Mary)

Two projects are currently offered through Brothers of Good Works:


  1. Relief and development fund.
    This fund provides short term relief to children in urgent need. The funds are used to provide food, pay medical expenses, schooling expenses and household essentials.
    Development opportunities in the form of training for employment are offered to carers and children (if appropriate) to assist them to be self sufficient. Six monthly reports are provided to donors indicating how the funds from this project have been spent.
  2. Individual child sponsorships.
    This project exists to provide individual children with regular financial support to assist them with everyday living costs such as those associated with food and education. As existing children within this project turn 18 years of age they are not being replaced with other children. This project will close when all existing children reach 18 years of age. Occasionally new donors are required to support children whose donor’s have withdrawn from the project.

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