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MOP - Bonga Medical Outreach Clinics

Posted by Bert Michels on Feb 16 2012

Project Officer: Sandi Petersen   Relief and Development
This project supports the Jimma Hospital/University deliver Prosthetic Services to Bonga and the many small villages out from Bonga in the Kaffa region, southwest Ethiopia.


    Prosthetics clinic serving a huge need                   


The Jimma Hospital/University provides the staff, expertise, equipment and vehicle costs, and WFA raises the money for the cost of the prosthetics for the individuals. It has been such a privilege to be involved in this project.
The first clinic saw 54 people flood in from no where, and I am advised that as news spreads, they think there will be a further 350-500 people coming for help. Bonga is in a rural area with many villages reached only by foot out from there. Most people in rural areas do not have a cash income, so they can’t pay for a bus fare to get to Jimma where the hospital is, nor pay for a prosthetic leg, crutches, prosthetic shoes or arm. Yet to live without a leg/arm limits their capacity to fetch water, walk to school, grow food, work to support themselves and their families, or just walk to be with friends or relatives. There are no roads or cars in the outer villages! Some of these people are victims of landmines 10 years ago, others are burns victims, injuries from fallen trees, or were born with club foot or other disabilities.
At the current exchange rate (June), which changes all the time:
Prosthetic 'above knee leg' = $161
A prosthetic 'below knee leg' = $85
A splint (like for polio victims) = $24
Crutches = $7
We estimate $2000-$3000 is needed every quarter to fund the clinics.
We are also raising funds for an Eye Clinic to the same region as there are so many people going blind who can be treated and have sight - if they could just access the treatment. Again, the Jimma Hospital/University will be providing this service, and we will assist in funding this to facilitate it reaching the areas and the people most in need.
If you would like to donate to these medical outreach clinics, please identify your donation as being for the Bonga Medical Outreach Clinics.
Thank you to everyone who is helping to fund these clinic – donations of any amount are gratefully received and as you can see below, even $7 makes a difference to someone’s life.

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Some more recipients of Prosthetic Services delivered by the Jimma Hospital/University to Bonga

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