Bulbula Aid and Sponsorship Program (BUL)

Bulbula, Ethiopia

Coordinated by Kate Drogemuller   katedrogemuller@bigpond.com

Welfare and Development

The Bulbula Project supports:

  1. Children at the Bulbula school with uniforms, meals for children from extreme poverty, some medical assistance, books, expansion of the school, library, repairs etc.
  2. Improving income source of targeted families through income generating activities
  3. Assisting young women and girls to gain awareness, self esteem and independence.
  4. Assisting a small group of poor people and mothers to be involved in agricultural activities. They will be trained in how to be successful and saving from their production. They will pay back 20% of their profit per year which will establish new participants.
  5. Selecting 5 people for the care of oxen and for teaching 30 people how to grow various grain or seed. They also are to pay back 20% from their yearly harvest.