Good Shepherd Sisters (SGS)

Nyakakanda, Sri Lanka

Coordinated by World Families Australia office

The previous two project have now been consolidated into one project, in liaison with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Sri Lanka. There are 68 places across Sri Lanka where Sisters of the Good Shepherd nuns are based and undertake their work, with many diverse projects from diverse donors. The World Families project continues its partnership with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, to support families and individual children in dire circumstances.  Children sponsored are either living in the local community or in residential convent care and receive education at the convent school and support for their other needs. The majority of the sponsored children are girls. The project is based at a large convent with schooling, situated 10km north of Colombo at Nayakakanda, near the sea. The Project Officer has visited the convent and met with the Sister in charge and is confident that the Sisters are careful in their sponsorship choices and distribution of funds.  

This project is in keeping with the overarching aim of World Families and is consistent with The United Nations' sustainable development goals, around education and equity, supporting children out in the community to stay with their families, as well as children that are in need of the residential facilities offered in the Convent.