Bali Women's Lighthouse (BWLH)


Coordinated by Kate Drogemuller

Bali Women's Lighthouse

Bali Women’s Lighthouse is the only no-cost addiction recovery and rehabilitation centre for Indonesian Women in Bali. The multi-faceted approach provides well rounded care designed to break the cycle of addiction, criminal activity, and incarceration.

The woman-centred approach qualifies us as the best available resource for addicted women in Bali. Whether they are pregnant, nursing, living with HIV/AIDS, or simply have nowhere else to go, Bali Women’s Lighthouse provides hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

The stigma surrounding addiction limits the number of resources available to help people turn their lives around. The stigma for women is even greater. For the thousands of people struggling with addiction, only three facilities are accessible to the local population, none of which are trained in the needs and concerns of its female population.

Specific Goals  revolve around:

Self care and a sense of wellness are essential for long term recovery. Women will learn how to take care of themselves so they can stay healthy and sober.

Bali Women’s Lighthouse will be a transitional housing option for women being released from Kerobokan Women’s Prison. Rather than returning to a life of drugs, they have a safe place to live, get sober and learn a trade.

Women will receive job skills training in a reputable field. Providing these women with the necessary knowledge to gain employment and begin making a living, reduces the likelihood of them returning to criminal life.

Partnering with local businesses, we will be able to offer women completing our program the opportunity for job placement in the community.