Philemon Academy Foundation(PAF)

Manila, Philippines

Coordinated by Bruce & Elaine Smith

1.Relief and development fund.
Bruce and Elaine have been supporting and working with Roy and Adora since January 2007 and are impressed by their dedication and commitment to see the lives of the poor and disadvantaged turned around. This association has strengthened and we have made numerous self-funded trips to the Philippines.

With some limited support in Australia and the support of Roy and Adora,have self-funded a school that has grown way beyond what anyone of us could  have imagined.


The projects are mainly in the Las Pinas area, including the main school campus but most of the cultural studies are at our other campus at Alabang, both these campuses are in rented facilities which is problematic. We are hoping to raise funds to purchase land and purpose build a facility that will incorporate both campuses or purchase a building that can be modified for both.

Project support  goes towards any or all of the following:
Individual child sponsorship for their education (we have a list of priority students)
We have many children who are in need of sponsorship.     They attend the school which is held at the Lord’s Christian Church in Las Pinas.      All the children come from very poor disadvantaged areas and without your generous support they would be unable to attend school as their parents cannot afford to send them.   At the school we provide the children with an academic education and cultural studies, which include ballet and music.    There are also sporting activities such as karate for the children to be involved in (see link below).   They are also provided with one meal a day.
Other projects of Philemon Academy Foundation Inc. are as follows:-
2. Training Teachers
3. Medical
3.1          Medical equipment for Health Clinics
3.2          Funding for medical, dental & optical care for families
4. Relief
4.1          Emergency funding for Typhoon and flood victims – food, clothing and shelter
5. Development
5.1          Purchase of a bus
5.2          Purchase of land / building for school
5.3          Building of school (this will become a priority if vacant land is secured)
As you can see there are many projects you can support and you can determine your level of support.
All donations are fully tax deductible through World Families Australia Inc.