Ruth Naomi Community Centre (BRN)

Bali, Indonesia

Coordinated by Chrissy Sulistyo:

Ruth Naomi Community Centre

The Ruth Naomi Community Centre began in 2015 when a need was identified for the vulnerable widows and their children.  Through support and training they could be assisted in providing an on-going income for themselves, and to rebuild their lives after grief and loss. A home was located in the village of Waribang for the purpose of creating a Community Centre that could develop a better future for the widows and children, bringing hope, love and transformation in their lives and in the lives of others in the community.

Ruth Naomi Community Centre


  • ENCOURAGMENT: Supporting the emotional well-being of widows and children through pastoral care and visitation.
  • EMPOWERMENT: Instilling in the widows a sense of self-worth and developing life skills through activities; – sewing courses, cooking courses, fish farming at the property and the development of a community vegetable garden to assist in feeding themselves.
  • EDUCATION: Providing basic numeracy and literacy classes for the children of the widows, music lessons focusing particularly on families where children behind in their education or cannot afford schooling.
  • PROVISION: Providing monthly hampers for staple dietary requirements such as rice, oil, sugar, spices, noodles and cleaning supplies.

The local village of Waribang has embraced Ruth Naomi Community Centre as part of a positive contribution in the development of the community.

The local Coordinator Natal, has been central to the project since its inception is passionate about it and has dedicated her boundless energy, love and support to the House of Ruth and Naomi Community Centre. We could not operate without Natal’s continuous generosity.

Founder and project officer: Chrissy Sulistyo