Mission Uplift (MU)


Coordinated by Francoise Penaluna  fpenaluna1953@adam.com.au


Sponsors through WFA provide funds that enable children within the Bukit Karmel Orphanage to attend good quality schools in the city of Bogor and afterwards attend Universities in Solo and Jakarta.

Sponsors also provide school fees that enable all students to attend school. Students are supported up to Bachelor level and may be assisted with micro loans to develop small business initiatives and thus facilitate independence in adulthood.

Other Indonesian and Australian donors support the orphanage to enable development of facilities as required. Four pre-schools for the children from poor families in the local area are also supported.

Mavis Pardede, the project officer, founded the orphanage and continues to be involved in its management.

During 2019/2020 a major project was undertaken to drill a semi artesian well. Now the orphanage is able to have water all year long plus they have been able to fix taps on their fence lines so that the village below can come and get water when their wells are dry. Part of the cost of this project was covered by WFA sponsors.