Bonga Rural Project (BOR)

Bonga, Ethiopia

Coordinated by Emma Lewis

Bonga Rural Project

The projects in Bonga Rural Region are a multifaceted and holistic approach for the poor in this area.

They include:

  • the Liwan School and Clean Water project
  • the Shashenda Library
  • the Child Sponsorship Program in conjunction with the Lazarist Priests


Bonga Rural Project

Your sponsorship helps to feed, clothe, educate, provide school books and medical costs to vulnerable children who would not have the opportunity of an education, had they remained in their villages, as their families are very poor and schooling finishes at grade 6, therefore they cannot afford to send them to school in Bonga.

Father Ammanuel Michael, who facilitates the Ethiopian side of the Bonga Rural Sponsorship Program, has provided two boarding houses, one for the girls and one for the boys. Father provides them with free accommodation, including water and electricity, so these students will have an opportunity of an education.
This is a batch sponsorship, so the money is pooled between the students, which will ensure all of them will benefit. Also if a student drops out of school or completes their education, they will not receive the support, but any new student joining the group will automatically receive the support in food and other essentials.
Your support will go toward these children eating regular meals, blankets, clothing and other necessities, and provide for their educational needs.  As the project grows and we receive more sponsors, more children will be provided for.
These students are involved in learning to grow their own vegetables, which will help them become more self-sufficient.

In addition your donations support the main work in Bonga; facilitating fish farming, agriculture and beekeeping and maintenance.

It is well recognized that access to health and education impacts significantly on the populations development. In regional and remote areas of Ethiopia, health and education are often not accessible, particularly to the poor. These projects actively address needs specific to the remote communities, which are widely recognized by the UN and other aid groups with development agendas, as being the most disadvantaged of all. In working towards the targets set for the Millennium Development Goals, of which Australia and Ethiopia are parties to, it is acknowledged that those living in remote regions of sub-Saharan Africa are least likely to have access to education and health, and remain significantly affected by environmental health hazards. WFA is working with the Lazarist Priests in addressing some of these issues.

Bonga Rural Project - Fish farming
Fish farming
Bonga Rural Project - Animal Care
Animal care
Bonga Rural Project - Bee Keeping
Bee keeping