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Posted by Bert Michels on Mar 11 2012

Project officer, Jenny Minck

School and Children’s Home In Minjur

SAHAYA MATHA HOME in Minjur was established about 30 years ago by the Seva Sisters of Mary.  At that time the area was extremely poor and very few children attended school. Children were taken into the Home, then known as the ASIAC Home which received considerable funding from Australia. The Sisters helped villages in the area with development such as sinking wells.

They also established primary and secondary schools. As the literacy rate improved and the suburbs have extended closer to the village the economic situation of the area has improved. Now-a-days the Home acts as a boarding house for girls from disadvantaged families (often where there is sickness, alcoholism or the death of a parent) and some (as well as boys) live with their families. The students attend the Sahayamatha or other schools in the area. Regular letters, cards and photos are receive  from each of the sponsored students as well as a general report about the project and information about those students who have moved on from the project into various forms of employment or higher education.

Our sponsorship enables children from poor families to complete their secondary schooling and to go on to further education, training and employment.

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