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from Jason Sinclair on Vimeo.
And kind permission for the music “Silent Shout” by The Knife

This is a short video of children in the child sponsorships programs, the Bonga Feeding Center, the Lalibela Street Children’s home and other projects which you might enjoy watching. The last bit of the video shows the home which was provided for the street kids thru WFA thanks to the generosity of sponsors and donators with the children living there now

This video was put together by Jason of SuperNova Films when he travelled to Ethiopia with his mother, Christine Hoffman, who is the Project officer for Bonga Feeding Centre and Jimma Town sponsorships – and who is a much loved ‘grandma’ of the Lalibela kids

Here is another video showing the plight of street children in Ethiopia:

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Our Projects in Ethiopia

BOR Bonga Boarding Houses

The Bonga Boarding Houses

These houses help to support students from rural areas by providing them with accommodation, so they can live in Bonga, Ethiopia to attend high school or further education.                                       read more

DOL - Jimma Child Sponsorship

(Project Officer: Michelle Nethery)Development and Welfare and Relief

Children in this program are aged from pre-school to teens, and are often in orphan siblings groups or in homes where poverty and illness are seriously limiting the capacity...

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SISP- Blind Education

Education for Blind Children

(Project Officer: Sandi Petersen)Relief and Development    

This project which started in 2010 is providing education for children with vision impairment in Jimma. There are no educational facilities for blind...

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BBL - Bonga Elementary School

Project Officer, Christine Hoffman

The Bonga Elementary School is the oldest school in the poorest of poor areas. Over 950 children attend the school from Grade 3- Grade 8.This school has no resources what so ever.


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LIW- Liwan and Dekia school

Project Officer , Dee Lumsden A Boarding House for Liwan Students in Dekia  

Given the Liwan School only goes up to grade 4, those reaching higher grades come to Dekia to continue their schooling. There are now about 24 children – including 6...

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Health Post - Medical Outreach

A Health-Post for Liwan   

Liwan is a very remote village that WFA has been involved in over the past 5 years after we were approached with a plea to help provide a school and clean water for the village. The village is home to the Shuro people...

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DOL - Jimma Medical

Jimma Medical (project officer: Sandi Petersen): Relief The hundreds of families now living in Gingo and Tulema Leprosy Communities were once living on the street and in the local cemetery, describing themselves as ‘living above the dead, but...

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DOL - Jimma Housing

Project Goals  

The projects in Jimma support a multifaceted and holistic approach for the poor provided by the Daughters of Charity in this area, including a Leprosy Community School Project, a housing project, sponsorship of children in the...

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DOL - Jimma Education

Jimma Leprosy Communities Schools (project officer: Sandi Petersen): Development

Through this project WFA has funded the building of a pre-school in Tulema Leprosy Village for educating and food support for over 100 children. The current focus...

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BGW - Brothers of Good Works Counselling

Addis Ababa Project

Coordinated by Morgan Smith

Brothers of Good Works Counseling and Social Services Centre (Previously Medical Missionaries of Mary)

Two projects are currently offered through Brothers of Good Works:


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SAM - Samerro

Project Officer, Gemma Pilcher Samerro Project

Samerro is a small rural village in Western Ethiopia, toward the Sudan border. The village population is just over 2000 people, of which 98% are subsistence farmers. The poverty is great and...

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LAL – Assistance to destitute children in Lalibela

Lalibela Project Lalibela is a remote town known for its ancient rock hewn churches and every year more than 55,000 people make a religious pilgrimage to Lalibela because of its spiritual significance in Ethiopia. The landscape surrounding...

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MKS - Meskele Kristos Education & Care

Project Officer, Dee Hudson

Meskele Kristos is a desperately poor village where the families struggle to provide for the needs of their family members. Children often go hungry, suffer from malnutrition and illness. Many don’t even own a pair of...

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Projects in Bonga

The projects in Bonga are a multifaceted and holistic approach for the poor in this area 

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Bonga Rural Projects

The projects in Bonga Rural Region are a multifaceted and holistic approach for the poor in this area.          

They include:  the Liwan School and Clean Water...

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BOR - Bonga Rural Sponsorship Program

 Project Officer: Emma Lewis  

Development and Welfare and ReliefProviding educational support and assistance for community development

A portion of the child sponsorship goes toward providing food and educational support to disadvantaged...

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MOP - Bonga Medical Outreach Clinics

Project Officer: Sandi Petersen   Relief and DevelopmentThis project supports the Jimma Hospital/University deliver Prosthetic Services to Bonga and the many small villages out from Bonga in the Kaffa region, southwest Ethiopia.

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DOB - Bonga Town Sponsorship Program

Project officer: Sandi Petersen    Development and Welfare and Relief

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BFC Bonga Kindergarten & sponsorship

Project officer: Christine Hoffman  

Relief and Development

This project started as a feeding centre support for 90 malnourished children but with WFA support has now become a pre-school providing food and education for the regions most...

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