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DOL - Jimma Housing

Posted by Bert Michels on Mar 04 2012

Project Goals


The projects in Jimma support a multifaceted and holistic approach for the poor provided by the Daughters of Charity in this area, including a Leprosy Community School Project, a housing project, sponsorship of children in the leprosy communities and in the broader community, and assistance to those with medical needs when required. Through the Lazarist Priests, WFA supports a project providing training, mentoring and equipment to set up groups of ten youths in small business projects. In Jimma, WFA also provides education for blind children. The aim of these projects is to provide support for vulnerable individuals and communities in ways which empower them with education and training, alongside assistance to improve their living standards (by providing access to housing and assistance with access to medical care). The changes visible in the lives of individuals and in the communities over the past seven years are wonderful to witness. 


Jimma Housing Program (project officer: Sandi Petersen):
Development and Relief

This project raises money for building houses for homeless people, or to improve the houses of those living in dilapidated & inadequate shelter. Leprosy sufferers are one group who were previously living as beggars, on and between the graves in the local cemetery. They described themselves as, “living above the dead and below the living”. Housing assistance is also needed by orphaned sibling groups, destitute families and those afflicted with HIV or other illnesses. Housing increases their capacity to work, to grow food, have sanitation facilities, decreases vulnerability to disease and gives self esteem. A simple house costs $A3000.

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