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Posted by Bert Michels on Jun 10 2012

A Health-Post for Liwan   

Liwan is a very remote village that WFA has been involved in over the past 5 years after we were approached with a plea to help provide a school and clean water for the village. The village is home to the Shuro people who have been marginalised and isolated, with no shared language with other cultural groups. The whole village was illiterate and they had no clean water, no toilets, no reliable food source and lacked health care and other basic services. Please see the following website for further information:                                                                                            

Early childhood death from preventable illnesses like pneumonia and diarrhoea are common, as are deaths of mothers and infants in childbirth, and many adults and children are sick from malnutrition and very treatable sicknesses. Liwan lays a couple of days walk from the closest road – and that road is a dirt road a few hours drive from Bonga, a rural town in the south-west of Ethiopia. Sandi, the WFA project officer, goes out on foot and on horseback ever year or 2 to check on the project.  The Ethiopian Lazarist Priests, our Ethiopian partners for these projects, live in Dekia and visit Liwan very regularly.

In 2008 a grade 1 to 4 school was built through WFA donations; along with a gravity-fed clean-water                                       
system and a couple of pit latrines; and provision of seedlings for crops and oxen to improve the food security for the village.
WFA is now raising funds to provide a Health Post in the region, with the approval of local and regional authorities. We
anticipate the building of the Health Post to cost about $24,000. So far over $9,000 has been raised, sent and already
progress is well under way. We welcome donations of any size, no matter how small, to help us toward completing this project.




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