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LIW- Liwan and Dekia school

Posted by Bert Michels on Jun 17 2012

Project Officer , Dee Lumsden

A Boarding House for Liwan Students in Dekia  

Given the Liwan School only goes up to grade 4, those reaching higher grades come to Dekia to continue their schooling. There are now about 24 children – including 6 girls – in Dekia attending grade 5, 6 and 7. This is very exciting, given no one in their village had ever reached this level of schooling, and I hope that in years to come, these students will be able to help their village through being teachers, nurses, engineers and other skills so that Liwan can become a self sufficient thriving community.



Previously WFA had funded the completion of 8 classrooms in Dekia. Dekia has a very large school of well over 1000 students, despite its very remote location. Each classroom crowds in 60-80 students and the school has 2 or 3 shifts so that all the students can attend.

Dekia is a few hours walk from Liwan, so we have been raising funds to build a boarding house for these students coming from Liwan. The first house is now complete – and the 18 boys moved in at Easter time! They still require more beds and other furniture to complete it, given the amount of boys, but they are moved in and are delighted and very grateful to you all. We are keeping the project open to build the second home for the girls, as currently they continue to have to walk many hours each day each way for class.


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