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Posted by Bert Michels on Mar 25 2012

Project Officer, Dani Potter

Kenya Testimony Faith Homes

Situated in Eldoret, Kenya, Testimony Faith Homes is currently comprised of three homes for children ages 3-17 and two   hostels for girls and boys aged over 18. Each house has an employed set of parents who care for the children in their care as they would their own family. Each house has approximately 40 children in the family from various tribal backgrounds and different circumstances as to how they became orphaned. Testimony School is located on the compound along with boarding facilities for both primary and secondary students as well as a Day Care Centre. The school’s financial governance is separated from that of the homes and it does not contribute to the homes financially. However, the school does provide the children of Testimony Homes with free education and opportunities that the children would otherwise not receive.


Testimony Faith Homes is not aligned with any particular Christian Denomination. Instead it was felt from the onset that the Homes would depend on what they could produce and for this reason they do not solicit funds or apply for financial assistance from any public body unless invited by the body to do so.

The houses have become home to so many children, and the school buildings have themselves become the substance and evidence of things hoped for even before they were seen. Yet it is also true that this was not attained or experienced without often trial and testing, and at times even opposition. Human anxiety, fear and even desperation have often made things difficult, yet solutions to the problems have always appeared thanks to the grace of God. 

World Families and Testimony Faith Homes

Since 2005, WFA has assisted Testimony Faith Homes by enabling donations and funds to be sent from Australian supporters to Testimony. As with all WFA projects, WFA does not interfere with the running of the projects at Testimony but provides an oversight to the donated funds and accounts for the funds to the Australian Government. World Families Australia sends donated funds to Testimony Faith Homes each quarter and shares with others about their work so that those who choose to assist can do so. There are no individual child sponsorships available through this project.

Donated funds are put towards Care and Development projects at Testimony Faith Homes. Care refers to the health, educational and daily welfare of the children. Development covers the four sustainable projects that Testimony is currently investing in to ensure that they can generate their own food supplies as well as expand their own income opportunities.

The four projects are:


The Dairy - milk                  Poultry Project – eggs and meat       The Bakery - bread


                                The Greenhouse – tomatoes and other vegetables

Once these projects are deemed self-sustainable, additional projects that will provide for the children of Testimony Faith Homes will be investigated. Supporters are provided with updates on each of these projects on a regular basis as well as through WFA newsletters.

Gifts to Testimony Homes can be processed through WFA by direct debit. To do this please click on the links below for the two required forms. Download, print and fill out both forms and send them to WFA at the address found on the forms.

Application Form to Sponsor a Project

Direct Debit Request Form

An administration cost is deducted to assist WFA in bank transfer costs, newsletter production and other office expenses. Donations are tax deductible.

For more information about Testimony Faith Homes please contact:
Project Officer, Mrs Dani Potter on or 08 8250 7655.

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